What the F?!?!

Fornasetti of course!

The art collection made into an opera! It made it's Debut in Milan at the Teatro dell’Arte of the Triennale in December 2016, the production moved on to Florence at Teatro della Pergola, January 2017.

If you are not familiar with this artist, by far it is my personal favorite to date. Don Giovanni, the face of this wonderful establishment is found at places such as Barney's New York, Bloomingdales in Beverly Hills, and smaller luxury boutique stores. This artist is worth while checking into with his whimsical and eccentric pieces, not always practical, but very much leaving you wanting more.

Check out his :) website http://www.fornasetti.com/

Below are a few fun stills from the opera in Milan. You will definitely be seeing more of him on my blog posts!